New Earth Leadership \ The Bliss Realm Podcast

What is the New Earth, and how does it look to be a leader in it? Talia Sol is joining Skylar for this very special episode of The Bliss Realm to talk about how we are each the leaders this world through every moment.

The two dive into exiting the “war” of matrix and instead waking up from it, why the collective is important, creating safety for feminine leadership, Talia’s experience of life in Israel to life in Costa Rica, and connection to Great Spirit as every individual on this planet.

Exotic Thoughts \ TeamRabbitHole Podcast

Mentor. Model. Musician. Scorpio.

Join the team as we get to know Talia, a free spirit coming to us from the jungles of Costa Rica. Originally from Israel, she has traveled the world and is showing people how to get back in tune with her very magical set of tools and skills.

שיחה עם טליה סול על מסע, טרנספורמציה, חווית סף מוות, חניכות ועוד

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