Do you feel the deep call of your soul?
to return Home, to the nature within yourself, to re-member the true essence of your being, the oneness with creation?

This is a deep journey into yourself,

where we come together as one family, and merging the far east & west wisdom into oneness.
expanding within the powerful center of your heart. 

Creating and holding a space which allows you to heal some past generational traumas from the root, connect to your ancestral lineage tree, release old conditioning, And come back Home, to remember and reveal your soul's original blueprints , full of space to simply Be, who you truly are.

A state that allows you to discover universal wisdom, surprises and magic, and true remembrance, in the most powerful natural forces of all, That's existing - in you, and exist through you.

Through this journey you connect intimately, one by one, with the 5 elements within as without, 

the earth, fire, water, air and ether. as well as deepen your personal connection to the Great mystery, Mother Earth, your tribe,  your ancestors , plant teachers and the medicines of the jungle, shamanic practices, with ancient eastern knowledge.

For you to be empowered to live your life fully and to step deeper into your soul mission on the planet in these times of great (r)evolution, expand from Karma to Dharma, navigate in different realms beyond fears, and bring healing into the here & now.

You are the medicine.

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27-29 March 2024 , Costa Rica

3 Day woman retreat of a deep dive into yourself, through Water prayer, water wisdom, Feminine priestesshood, emotional healing, playful healing, self care, creativity, softness, self love, movement & flow state. 

Your Playground to free your inner mermaid, 

and let your magic flow!

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>>Quantum CreatorZ <<

Journey of The Soul

13 days of connecting to your ancient wisdom through your higher self

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Welcome to your great mystery !
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Quantum CreatorZ


May / June 2023

As you may already be aware, at this very moment, you are actively shaping your reality through the power of quantum mechanics. Whether you find yourself in a state of blissful contentment or are seeking harmony in various aspects of your life, know that you possess the capacity and potential to start anew with every passing moment.

As an infinite, multidimensional being, there is an abundance of uncharted territories for you to explore and expand into.

Our team of QUANTUM Guides is here to serve you in this precious divine moment, guiding you towards unlocking the full potential of your GREATNESS.

We invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, as we assist you in tapping into your hidden DIVINE Magician codes and embracing your true identity. Together, we will break through self-imposed limitations and set you free, allowing you to harness your unique gifts , to create positive change you wish to see in the world.

With the transformative power of QUANTUM LOVE.

Join us in revealing the magic within, owning your divine powers, and becoming the QUANTUM CREATOR of your own reality !

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Who is  looking to connect with their tribe , and be Reborn into your Purpose
in the jungles of Costa Rica - Pura Vida “ Pure Life”
with that pure life magic ✨

🌺 Discovering tools to put the past finally in the past at Find Your Why retreat ,

while learning to live and grow with a beautiful community. 

a group of people that become your family, this is the Initiation to “Heaven on Earth" !

This journey is taking you through the inner-verse of your soul,

to unlock the power of the master-creator within.

Become the architect of your reality, learn how to open your channels of creative force energy, and enjoy your creation as a sovereign God.

This is a unique experience that magically combines the Spirit and the Matter into One Perfect Whole.

Create your YOUniverse