This is a spesial accompanying process of private sovereign mentorship healing, 

that is here to take you to the Next Level in your soul journey. for you to be able to naturally embody your Highest potential in this lifetime. In the Now.

In this program we are combining work with your four bodies -

the Mental, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual,

including the help of your higher spiritual guidance, and creation itself.

 For the sacred purpose of getting into alignment with your original soul's blueprint.
Through the beautiful healing of the past on the root level, healing the heart from emotional traumas, releasing if any limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind, changing patterns that no longer serve you, and crossing fears - towards the fulfillment of your wildest dreams.

This is the path of Self Love, and Self- Mastery. as you step deeper into your nature, being the master of your own energy.

In response to our loving accompanying process,  your creative spirit thrives beyond self-imposed limitations to claim the joy of your sovereign expression. 

Your heart opens and more readily reveals your true self, regardless of all outer circumstances.

I believe in you. and with your growing self -faith, we reveal more of the master who already lives within you.

The process of awakening is essentially a conscious transition from experiencing life through the 3ed dimension, to the 5th dimension.

It's a disengagement from the consciousness of suffer, survival, scarcity, separation, competitiveness, control, ego and fear, (path of illusion).

And spreading your wings out to your liberation - to the consciousness of freedom, Self-fulfillment full of satisfaction on many levels of life, and realizing your high potential through joy and fun, exploration, curiosity, love and depth, lightness and serenity, sovereignty and creativity, thinking outside the box, freedom of expression, magnetism, abundance, loving awareness, influence, presence, responsibility, positivity, compassion, kindness, self-care, playfulness, meaning, faith, trust, intuition, balance, flow, nature , emotional growth, royalty, nourishing relationships, great communication, authenticity, passion, truth, motivation, intuition,  healthy yummy lifestyle,  and Unconditional Love.

a reality that is full of the Light of Love (the path of truth).

In the journey you are experience a deeper connection to the soul and the source, you will receive messages and guidance from your "higher self",

you will come back deeper to embody your true nature,

you will experience remembrance in your strengths, in your wisdom , in your inner authority, and in the Love that you are.

you will feel at home within your body temple, living on this earth, you will step into your queendom and into the creator that you are.

And you will discover the deliciousness of what life looks like in which you shine the light that you are, at its fullest.

Living what you're made for .

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Excited to get to know you,
Looking forward hearing from you.
With Love Always,
Talia Sol

Welcome To Your Next Level