Donate To Mother Earth

One of my greatest soul missions here in this lifetime,  next to supporting the evolution of consciousness in human beings, 

Is to support our planet, our one and only dear Mother Earth

The one which gives us always so kindly, all the bounty, nourishments, beauty - so abundantly beyond what we really need, 

Yet, has been abused by the humankind culture through practices of greed. 

many of her treasures has been taken away, precious elements and resources has been destroyed and misused .

this frightening situation is related in the most propound way to each and every one of us, as ONE.

So far, we have been experiencing the hottest temperatures on record, 

Many of our lakes were drying up,

Many of the bees that are responsible for our food supply, beautiful butterflies were disappearing. 

glaciers have been melting. many polar bears were stranded. fishes have been literally poisoned, our marine life have not been thriving as it used to be. storms became more explosions, many of the indigenous, natives of our lands found themselves persecuted and needing to protect their basic rights to live, protecting themselves from genocide, protecting the lands. Our air got polluted, waters has been poisoned, the oceans were filling up with garbage.

we're tampering with the very gentle balance of Nature.

And I hear her calling, It's an S.O.S .

W E    A R E   O N E

I know change starts from within.

therefore i'm here to support with the imbalance, the disharmony and toxicity within our own body mind and spirit, as individuals and as a collective.
and I am here to support and teach the use of our sovereign powers and life force energy for Impactful Creation, of a new world order, new paradigm. 

The one that we call Heaven On Earth.

And - I Devote my work and legacy to the healing of Mother Earth and the restoration of our physical planet. 

This includs reforestation, the cleaning of our waters, supporting our brothers and sisters indigenous as human beings, and as the earth keepers & wisdom keepers that they are - holding many keys of rememberance of who we truly are and how to live life in Harmony with all Nature.

10% of my profits are dedicated and donated for this type of work through different channels and organizations that I know personally and value dearly.

My prayer is that each human being is awaken to the oneness that we truly are, and for each one to enjoy clear drinking water, healthy soil to walk in beuty on, and a piece of land to steward, 

and for all beings to be healthy, happy and free.

If you feel resonance in your heart, you are most welcome to support in your own way to this sacred change .

With Love and gratitude,

Talia Sol.