Upcoming Retreat:


1-7 May 2025, Costa Rica

A journey to the depths of your soul

Come to discover your true nature,  As together we are Merging  your far east & west wisdom into oneness.
expanding within the powerful center of your Heart. 

We are creating a space which allows you to heal some past ancestral traumas from the root, connect to your lineage tree, release old conditioning, And come back Home, to remember and reveal your soul's original blueprints , full of space to simply Be, who you truly are.

Through this journey you connect intimately, one by one, with the 5 elements within as without, 

the earth, fire, water, air and ether.  And to more magic that's available for you.

For you to be empowered to live your life fully and to step deeper into your soul mission on the planet in these times of great (r)evolution, expand from karma to Dharma, navigate in different realms beyond fears, and bring healing into the here & now.

You are the medicine.

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Upcoming Retreat:


22-28 February 2025 , Costa Rica

3 Day woman retreat of a deep dive into yourself, through Water prayer, water wisdom, Feminine priestesshood, emotional healing, playful healing, self care, creativity, softness, self love, movement & flow state. 

Your Playground to free your inner mermaid, 

and let your magic flow!

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Let's Play!

How does it feel to live life of fulfilment? to live in joy? life of pure bliss?

knowing how to navigate your extremely genius divine gift of human consciousness? human emotions ? human body? mind? energy?

to activate your soul remembrance original  blueprints , and connect to your highest potential version of self, available for you in every present moment. right now. 

Where inner peace, joy, love, laughter, compassion and real infinite abundance is in it's full potential too?

to love yourself from the inside- out, and feed your soul holistically, embody healthily in your human experience? 

How does it feel to be the captain of your own boat? 

without getting drift and feeling lost , tired and anxious and rageous by outer circumstances?  opinions, distractions, distortions?

to stay centered in your being. encored in your heart.  

to dance through all the diverse parts of life?

 to be the conscious creator manifesting your biggest dreams into existence? and out of real self- knowing, to not settle for any less?

how does it feel to unlock your life purpose, to cross the gates of your deepest fears and feel held and taken care of throughout the whole way? 

how does it feel to be safe, to take a leap of faith, jump into the unknown and surrender to the divine great mystery? 

to discover the secrets of life, and to live in a high vibrational reality of constant blessings and miracles ?

how does it feels to activate your dormant memory? your magician within, your king and queen within?

how does it feel to reclaim your powers, and believe in yourself so much that the universe has no other choice but to reflect it back to you in infinite forms of success?
How does it feel to master your energy? to be in balance?
to know how to work properly with your left & right brain, feminine & masculine energies? uniting your polarities to a co- creation of love?

how does it feel to have a healthy relationship with your loved ones? to live in harmony with all there is?

to know that you are holding all the wisdom, all the answers , and everything you've ever been looking for? and ever will?

how does it feel to uncover your purest, truest form of self? and to express your uniqueness, confidently?

how does it feel to speak your truth and be heard? to be seen with no masks, but simply for who you truly are inside?

to give yourself permission to naturally shine?

how does it feel to let go of anything that is not longer serves your real growth? to let go of old limiting beliefs, to disattach from old stories that kept you trapped for so long, and to heal old traumas from the root? to bring your awareness from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind, in a way that serves you most?
how does it feel to reconnect to your inner child and to hold space for it? 

how does it feel to discover your inner treasures? to open up your divine gifts? to share them with the world abundantly?
with no shame or guilt?

how does it feel to create the reality WAY bigger than you could imagine?

to connect to your infinite energy source with in? to the power and beauty of nature inside & out?

to wake up from the illusion of separation ? to release yourself from the cycle of suffer,
and to experience true oneness to the ultimate truth? connecting deeply to the supreme power within?

how does it feels to activate your inner fire? connect to your water, earth, wind?

how does it feel to have an inner guidance and to feel protected in all you do? safe to take any step in the game of life? and live life fully? 

how does it feel to live free?

join me to find out!

My Name is Talia Sol, and I dare to Love you like you've never been Loved before.
I'm here to support you on your ascension journey and letting go of everything that you are not.

With the different tools I'm carrying, 
I'll help to activate you to get into alignment with your original soul's blueprint, your originally creation codes. the essence of who you are in soul level, and bring your purpose into your Here and Now. creating the lifestyle of your deepest dreams.

I believe in you. And with your growing self faith, we reveal the master who already lives within you.

I encourage you to tap into it, step by step, and to Be your own master . The master of your energy. The master creator of your reality. And to become more and more your legacy, as a Conscious co creator of the New World.
Open up your inner treasures and enjoy Living the life of your Dreams!




I am a Transformational Coach & Healer, musician and ceremonialist, Modern Shamanism Practitioner, Prayer-former.

specializing in sovereign mentorship of all kinds.

I stand for freedom, health, conscious Love,
and embodying a joyful lifestyle, in harmony with all living beings.

I walked a long way that led me to where I am today.

A happy free being. that carries my soul call service work not only as a career , but as a way of life. in my being.

In the sacred path of following my heart , I am making all my dreams come true. 

I am a singer, an artist, a model, a writer, a conscious creator, an entrepreneur, an Influencer. a good friend and first and foremost, a good human being. 

in devoted service to the Light.

And I am humble to say, I've already influenced the lives of thousands of souls around the globe.

I work with modalities from my rich medicine toolbox of trainings & teachings from around the world, such as Theta Healing, Shamanism, NLP, Positive Psychology, Coaching, Breath Work, Non Violence Communication (NVC), Kabbalah, Channeling, Pranic Healing, Inner Dance, Access Bars, Reiki, Art, Meditations facilitation, Sales and Creation of financial abundance in a holistic way.

I combine deep intuitive wisdom with loving guidance to activate your creative spirit, empowering you to thrive beyond self-imposed limitations and claim the life force energy of your sovereign expression.

I host private transformational containers, group courses and retreats,
working with the quantum field, the fabric of all creation, and integrate the 4 levels of perception: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I facilitate deep trauma healings from the root, changing limiting beliefs and habits, to bring forth a true essence, soul purpose, and the opportunity to thrive in highest potential.

I was born in Israel, straight into a big war.
Since a very young age, I faced different traumas, and grew up with a feeling of unworthiness, and unsafety, that followed me everywhere I went. fear was managing most of my reality.
as much as I did managed to fit in, I never really felt happy in the society I grew up to.
My breaking point was tow tough years of military compulsory service, where I realized I'm playing a game of suffering, that trying to take away my freedom, and humanity.

At 20 years of age, as soon as my army service time was done, I decided to shift my life and free my spirit.
For Eight years, I dedicated my life to traveling the world; exploring universal secrets, the raw beauty of wild lands, human connections, and connecting with cultures of different lineages, tribes and ways of life.

I learned greatly from the journey itself, and trained under leading global teachers, masters and shamans around the world.

During my journey, I faced my biggest fears, successfully undergoing different initiations with a brave heart. as I discovered the power within and how to access it.

During this time, I was diagnosed with a physical dis-ease, with recommended surgery as my only option. I did a thorough intake of myself, and was able to heal myself naturally!

Now, I live healthy and happy, balanced lifestyle.

making all my dreams coming truth.

My mission is to co-create , support and witness all ,men and women of any background, going through the journey of self exploration, as you step into your own mastery and become the conscious creator of your own reality. guided by the higher source of Love & Light.

as well as supporting Mother Earth and all the living beings as One, to live in Harmoney with each other. 

fulfil the mutual purpose of all there is.

At this historical times, where the shift is global, and humanity is going through a big awakening, I invite you to come back to unity and oneness. and from that safe space, of sacred state, to own your true power, to re-member, to live the life you truly came here to live, as Heaven on Earth, and witness magic come to life.

It is my deepest honor to support you, to Shine your Light Fully.